I have found Dr. Schacker to be professional in every way. Her approach to healing is to do what is necessary, but to be mindful of patient. In addition, unlike most chiropractors, she does not feel the need to pop or crack every bone, but rather is consistent and gentle with the goal of improving over time. I was in an mva and I have seen continual improvement over the short time I have been seeing her. I would highly recommend her.

- Dan Rynearson

My whole body was in pretty terrible shape when I went to see Dr. Schacker at Apex. No injuries, per se--just way too much time at the computer and too much stress. I had pain and tightness all the way from my head to my knees and my back pain was waking me up at night.

Dr. Schacker is a really great chiropractor. She's a good listener, very friendly and non-judgmental and her work is effective. What I appreciate most is how deft and sure-handed she is with her chiropractic adjustments. Getting a neck adjustment can be kind of nerve wracking, but Dr. Schacker exudes such confidence with her work, it put me completely at ease (and the neck adjustment always feels awesome). Also, she does more than your spine! I went in complaining of a shin splint and she was able to work on it for me (and show me an exercise to do at home). usually when I get a shin splint, it takes months to heal; with Dr. Schacker's help, my shin was healed within just a couple weeks.

Also, holy cow--Dr. Schacker's clinic is beautiful; she renovated a house in the Foster-Powell neighborhood an put in all sorts of environmentally friendly features and a beautiful garden. It has a comfortable, homey feel that's so much nicer than your typical doctor's office.

- Sheila A.